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Request Dog Rehoming Services

Request Dog Rehoming Services Here

Rehoming your dog doesn't have to cost a fortune. Our basic dog rehoming package costs just $39.95, including our comprehensive guide, "How To Rehome Your Dog Safely".

To begin the process of rehoming your dog, please fill out the form below. Try to be as thorough as possible - the more information you can provide, the better we can showcase your dog to attract adoption offers from the most suitable homes.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!
  • Please choose the services you require from RehomeMyDog. Our rehoming packages are detailed above.
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  • (ie) What are you hoping to find in your dog's new home?
  • We recommend that you charge a rehoming fee to ensure your dog's safety and deter contact from unsuitable potential adopters. This fee will be provided to you from the adopter with whom you choose to place your dog. It should be reasonable, but enough that it will ensure the potential adopter has the resources to afford dog ownership. We recommend $100 to $250.
  • Please list all supplies that you will be including with your dog.
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